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SMPS can connect you to best practices, tools, and programs that will help you to strengthen your skillset, relationships, and growth potential. Our National site features great tools for for every milestone in your career.

SMPS New Mexico maintains a library of A/E/C marketing and business development webinars and publications for members to check out. This helps you further your marketing education without the added personal or firm cost of buying the resource. The following resources are available for you to check out at any time.

Members are allowed to check out one webinar or one book at a time for a two week period.  Members are responsible for returning materials in their original condition, or will be charged for replacement.

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Raising the “WOW!” Factor: How to Create Proposals that Truly Set You Apart

The goal of a proposal is to first, convince the client that your firm is fully qualified to do the work—and second, to show the client that you bring something to the table they won’t get from anyone else. Most proposals somewhat accomplish the first and fail miserably on the second.

We will introduce you to some very unusual techniques designed to develop a winning strategy, create a stunning first impression, and communicate your value and qualifications persuasively to get you to the top of the short list.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a compelling argument to convince your boss to pass on the RFP, if you don’t want to go after the project

And if you DO go for it…

  • Develop a project-specific capture plan

    – Create a smack-me-between-the-eyes first impression

    – Use storytelling to grab and keep their attention

    – Transform technical writing into persuasive prose

    – Learn to not gloat obnoxiously when your hit rate doubles


David Stone, President, blüStone Marketing
David Stone has advised hundreds of design and construction firms around the globe ranging in size from one person to $2 billion in annual revenue. He’s a sought-after speaker at conferences around the world and the author of 15 books including, Wired, which is used in the CPSM program. With a career that began in architecture in the mid-70s, Stone has held every position from draftsman to principal. He has witnessed and experienced the massive changes this industry has faced and continues to explore new ways to promote and sell design and construction services. He splits his time between Savannah, GA, and Vancouver, BC.

Proven Techniques to Win Business and New Clients

Business development isn’t rocket science—it’s people science. It requires discipline, organization, and the ability to read people. Whether your clients are public or private, there are strategies to win business.

Successful business developers understand that developing a solid relationship leads to opportunities and, ultimately, to new work coming in the door. Firms that chase public work need to position themselves well ahead of an RFP. Ones chasing private work need to become “go to” confidants for current and potential clients. There’s a way to accomplish this and business owner, Jon Davies, will show you how during this webinar.

Learning Objectives

During this hands-on webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Proven techniques and strategies for building quality business relationships to win projects

  • Ways to build a professional network

  • The important questions to ask and information to gain before a project “hits the streets”

  • Strategies to help technical staff and different personality types overcome fears of business development

  • When to push and when to back off on a non-responsive potential client

  • Tips and tricks on identifying potential clients and building a system to identify projects before your competitors


Jon T. Davies,  Director of Client Services, BHC Consultants LLC
Jon Davies has been in the A/E/C industry for 15 years and is an owner and managing partner at BHC. He has presented to professional associations both locally and nationally regarding proven strategies for winning work. The majority of his time is spent building relationships with public sector decision-makers and positioning BHC to win projects. He believes the “new normal” offers new opportunities for firms willing to focus time and energy on client services and business development.

What Clients Want:Elements of a Winning Presentation

Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted after delivering a successful proposal. Now, it’s time for the interview. How do you stand out during the presentation? And, how do you persuade the client you’re the best firm for the job? Our presenter Dena Wyatt will show you how. Wyatt will help you discover how to build a stronger connection with the audience. Whether you’re giving the presentation or behind the scenes coaching your team, you can use her insight and valuable tips. She’ll show you how to:

  • Determine what clients are really looking for during an interview.

  • Discover ways to stand out and build credibility

  • Learn new ways to prepare and outline your presentation

  • Practice techniques to reduce stress


Dena Wyatt, Principal and Founder of Marketing Evolutions, Inc.
Dena Wyatt, principal and founder of Marketing Evolutions, Inc. has more than 20 years’ experience helping firms in the A/E/C industry create a more robust personal presence and message that transforms presentations, builds trust, and wins more work. Wyatt is a former Dale Carnegie instructor and trainer and past president of SMPS Colorado.

Defining Your Competitive Differentiators

Many A/E/C firms claim to offer excellent client service and a wide variety of expertise to serve their clients’ needs. In today’s competitive climate, how do you ensure that your firm consistently wins work? If your firm is struggling with not being selected for work you know it can do, you need to focus on what sets your firm apart from the competition. Outstanding client service and a depth of expertise are no longer unique qualifiers; they are simply the threshold of experience that clients demand today. How can you talk about your firm in ways that really stand out as clear differentiators?

This 90-minute Webinar will equip you with tools to define your firm’s competitive differentiators and communicate their value to your clients. You will learn four areas, called Differentiation Circles, in which you can compare and contrast your firm with the competition. Understand how to research and define these areas, and find ways to make them work in your sales and marketing process. Once your clients understand what makes your firm truly different, you are no longer competing on price alone.

Learning Objectives

  • Listen to what really matters to your clients and not what you think matters.

  • Discern your firm’s key value differentiation and learn how to integrate it into your sales and marketing process.

  • Use research to define your firm’s experience and translate it into unique client value.


Wendy Nemitz, Principal, Ingenuity Marketing
Wendy Nemitz is the founding principal of Ingenuity Marketing Group LLC, a firm focused on helping professional services providers grow thriving practices and create strong firms. Since 1992, Ingenuity Marketing has been helping CPAs, attorneys, financial service professionals, engineers, bankers, consultants, and other professionals grow their businesses through facilitating firm-wide and leadership retreats and developing mission, vision, and comprehensive marketing plans. Ingenuity also helps firms by researching opportunities and recommending new lines of service and niche markets, as well as creating and implement marketing and sales tactics that showcase their clients’ expertise, including fresh brands, Web sites, collateral materials, and PR.

Budget, Track and Monitor Your Marketing Expenditures for the Best ROI

As marketing professionals, we enjoy unique opportunities to drive value for our organizations by engaging in all aspects of business performance. But too often, the marketing function is associated solely with the achievement of sales goals instead of with overall operational practices that measure success in our organizations. This webinar provides hands-on tools to help marketing teams in business performance, by introducing and implementing cost-control concepts and measures that help drive profitability.

By better understanding financial implications of each phase of the marketing cycle, from the inception of an opportunity through contract award, we can provide critical leadership to guide sound business decisions and successful proposal processes. During the webinar, we’ll learn how to better understand how marketing activity—and behavior—cascade throughout operational performance. Starting with the Go-No-Go process and deploying easy-to-use budgeting and tracking tools, we’ll explore how to define the real cost of doing business early on to drive long-term profitability.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Become a trusted advisor and come to the table with data to guide decision-making

  • Build agreement around tools that create team success

  • Tie opportunity costs to “the big picture” of profit

  • Lead a team with metrics that inspire accountability

  • Look for opportunities to influence change within your firm


Kate Pixley, Marketing Director, ESA
Kate Pixley, ESA’s Northern California marketing director, has more than 18 years’ experience in the environmental industry. She has designed management programs that spark and inspire thriving marketing and business cultures. With a background in art and education, Pixley’s approach to marketing leadership is grounded in mentoring and team-building with the idea that organizational achievement starts with collaboration and a shared vision of success.

Onallee Elsberry-Crabtree, Marketing Manager, ESA
Onallee Elsberry-Crabtree, Marketing Manager in ESA’s Northern California Region, promotes creative and collaborative approaches to energize marketing within business. With more than 11 years of experience in the A&E industry, Onallee believes in establishing positive marketing momentum through trusted partnerships, open communication, and implementable solutions.

Secrets of the Selection Committee: Create Proposals and Presentations That Win

You’ll get an insider’s guide into the secret world of selection committees—what they really look for and how they evaluate proposals and presentations. Learn what goes on behind closed doors and which factors influence the final selection.

Many secrets will be revealed to help your firm better understand your chances for success. Some insider tips will be fairly obvious, but many will come as a complete surprise to those who labor painstakingly on proposals and presentations hoping for success.

You’ll hear valuable insights plus tips and recommendations for improving writing and presentation skills. Examples will include proposal and presentation successes and failures. “Little Piggy Proposals,” “The Cram,” and “Death by PowerPoint” are all covered with insight and humor to drive home the point that proposals and presentations need to be about the client, not the presenter.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Better understand the selection process

  • Learn what selection committees typically look for

  • Discover what can influence the selection of professional services firms

  • Explore how to write better proposals that will get noticed

  • Learn techniques for more effective presentations


Gary R. Coover, P.E., Coover Consultants, PLLC
Gary Coover is the author of Secrets of the Selection Committee published by Rollston Press earlier this year. As principal of Coover Consultants, PLLC, a marketing and engineering consultancy, he works with firms nationwide to better focus their A/E/C marketing and proposal efforts. Experienced on both sides of the RFP process in government and private sectors, Coover has served on countless selection committees and written hundreds of proposals. His experience, along with lessons learned from the School of Hard Knocks, has completely changed how he approaches proposals and presentations.

Markendium – the SMPS Body of Knowledge

MARKENDIUM, also known as the SMPS Body of Knowledge (BOK), is the comprehensive educational resource for the successful practice of marketing and business development in the A/E/C industry. The MARKENDIUM also further defines the six Domains of Practice for the Society and professional services marketing.

These six books include: Case studies, theory-into-practice tips, reflections, and a glossary of key terms.

Marketing Handbook for the Design & Construction Professional 3rd Edition

These days, driving new business is the key to your survival…and this highly acclaimed marketing tool is your key to driving new business. With 64 articles by more than 70 contributors and 18 reviewers, this all-new and thoroughly revised handbook covers every aspect of marketing in the design and construction industry from initial market research, to getting leads, to making presentations, to website development. If you’re not a marketing professional, then you really need this book. In a clear, no-nonsense manner, it shows you how to: * create winning proposals and presentations * take full advantage of low-cost public relations activities * develop a winning plan for getting the most from trade shows * create a high-profile website on a budget * get your staff to take a market-oriented approach to everything they do.

All new 2009 Edition! * 638 pages * 64 chapters (each written by an experienced industry professional) * numerous checklists and forms * model proposals and press releases * website design templates * brochure design guidelines * sales lead tracking tools * marketing research strategies * and much, much more.

The Architecture of Value: Building Your Professional Practice

by Craig Park

EXPERTISE creates the opportunity to build a unique professional service practice that is designed one that has differentiated strategies, goals, and mission based on your vision and leadership. EXCELLENCE is the result of applied expertise the message that your marketers and business developers communicate to both existing and potential clients. EXPERIENCE comes from the right practice of your business providing collaborative work that your people love to do, and as a result, work that your client s love beyond expectation. In The Architecture of Value, Craig Park updates his 2002 publication Design. Market. Grow! with and expanded collection of observations and lessons learned drawn from more than 40 years in the building industry. Framed as practical direction for aspiring leaders, he shares real-world examples of how to build a professional service firm through a combination of leadership, collaboration, and value; the basis for creating an enduring professional service practice.