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Q2 President’s Message

We are so fortunate to be able to call “The Land of Enchantment” home.  We can hike, ski, bike, fish and explore this beautiful state that we all work and live in from mountain top to desert.  While we are all fortunate to live here, our State and the A/E/C industry will see some challenging situations as we move forward and navigate the funding challenges that we’ll face in the upcoming year.  I believe that you, the marketers, business development professionals and business owners of the New Mexico A/E/C industry will be the key to helping firms work though the challenges of the upcoming year.

You know firsthand how much energy goes into conceptualizing and implementing a design through construction.  Research must be done to identify the challenges the client is facing and how you are positioned to help them.  Effort and collaboration are needed to ensure that all the right players are on your team, and that we’ve shown how they can create a successful project for clients and the community.

I feel that SMPS is such an integral piece of this dynamic.  We have the difficult task of promoting our firm’s intrinsic technical knowledge and experience, and eliciting an emotion within our clients that makes them trust that WE are the firm they want to work together with. It’s an art. To have a Society designed specifically as a resource for us in our unique industry is such a beautiful thing. SMPS provides its’ members with relevant information on current marketing techniques and the resources to develop the intricate skills required to succeed in our industry.

Whether you are a long-standing member or hearing about the Society for Marketing Professional Services for the first time, I hope you will look into what our Chapter has to offer, and let us help you figure out where you can plug in. SMPS is about networking, training, mentoring, building business, and giving back to our community.

I encourage you to look at our calendar of upcoming events and join us at an event soon.


Tracy Chiado
SMPS New Mexico