Call for Nominees – 2017-2018 Board of Directors

This is the official call for nominations to fill Executive Committee roles and Director-at-Large positions on the SMPS New Mexico Chapter Board of Directors.

SMPS New Mexico is seeking qualified and energetic people who want to take a leadership role in developing and advancing the Chapter’s education, networking, and business development opportunities for its members.

Taking a leadership role in SMPS New Mexico is a great opportunity to work with current and future Marketing and Business Development leaders in the AEC industry. Serving as a BOD member can help advance your career, bring visibility to your firm, and create valuable and lasting connections with people across the industry.


  • Secretary: Serves as the recorder for all the chapter and ensures minutes are taken, recorded, and distributed at all board and executive committee meetings. The secretary is responsible for the chapter’s bylaws. The secretary also serves on the executive committee of the chapter.  A qualified candidate will be a current, regular member of SMPS.
  • Director-at-Large Positions (3-4): In each of these positions, one must be willing to lead in the creation and management of programs, events, and goals of one of the chapter’s standing committees. Attendance at monthly board meetings is essential and critical, as the director acts as a liaison between the board and the committee. Qualified candidates must be a current, regular member of SMPS. The Nominations Committee, led by the current Vice President/President-Elect, will assign each new Director-at-Large to a committee.

We are currently looking to fill Director-at-Large positions for the following committees:

Communications: The director of Communications program is charged with the planning and implementation of the chapters’ communications and public relations programs. They Prepare/coordinate updates to chapter website, invitations, social media – ensures timely marketing of each program.

Programming/Education: The director of programs/education assumes oversight over all aspects of the chapters educational programming.  They work closely with the president and president-elect to ensure programs align with the chapters strategic goals. They coordinate chapter programming and the invitations to potential speakers.

Sponsorship: The sponsorship assumes oversight of all solicitations for chapter sponsorships and fundraising responsibilities.  They coordinate the process of recruiting sponsors for upcoming events, and the sponsor guarantees at events.

Membership: The director of membership serves as the contact to SMPS headquarters on all issues related to membership and is responsible for the recruitment and retention of SMPS chapter members.  They provide membership information to prospective members and coordinate communication with members and prospects.

If you are interested in serving on the SMPS New Mexico Board of Directors, please contact:

Tracy D. Chiado, CPSM
Marketing Manager
Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects
(505) 348-4139  |  (505) 414-1077 cell

 Nominations are open until June 9th, 2017.

Individual nominations will be screened and evaluated by the Nominations and Elections Committee according to parameters and procedures established by the Board. A slate of candidates will be selected that the Committee believes represents the best balance for the Board.

If you have any questions or need more details, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with a great Board of Directors in 20178-2018!